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Adhesive Coating Technology

Adhesive Coating Technology

UBChem Co.Ltd have devoted in applying the environment-friendly water-based
adhesives to our product lines of sticky mats, adhesive rolls and carpet protection
films for years and finally came up with the ones with superior performance.
We are the most experienced and dedicated maker of quality water-based sticky
mats and carpet protection films in Korea.

Excellent Particle Removal Efficiency

Excellent Particle Removal Efficiency

One of our products, sticky mat, is the most efficient method to keep the work place
clean at lowest cost. You could simply place the sticky mat on the floor and just walk
on it. That's all. The work place would be free from the dusts spreading by workers
and carts.

UBChem have researched and developed the special water-based adhesives with
high particle-capture ability. Our sticky mats is designed to remove
almost all of the dusts (99%) on worker's shoes within just 1~2 steps.

Quality Maintenance Technology

Quality Maintenance Technology

UBChem Co.Ltd is dedicated to maintain high quality of our products, sticky mats and
carpet protection films with all of our quality system, facilities and technologies,
since 1997 when our company named as ‘Triumph Matike Corp’
We know our dedication worth it and we are proud that our products work
well in various places around the world.



UBChem Co.Ltd is controlled under the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 System and complied to RoHS and Reach.

Additional Information

You can get more sticky mat information through www.tacky mat.co.kr

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