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How to choose best quality clean room sticky mat



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DATE January 05, 2015

There are many sticky mat manufacturers in the world.  This information will be help to choose the best product for sure.

First, Excellent Particle Removal Efficiency

There are two different adhesive power characteristics in adhesive tapes products.  One is 'Instantaneous adhesive power' and the other is 'Common adhesive power'.  'Instantaneous adhesive power' is the extent adhesion of tape from the very first touch.  To measure the instantaneous adhesive power like dust removal ability of sticky mat, 'Ball Tack Test' is used.  International ball tack testing standard is ASTM D 3121.

It is obtained by the test of rolling a small steel ball, 10mm diameter, from the surface of the tape that is inclined to roll the ball downward.

'Instantaneous adhesive power' is the distance between the starting point of rolling the ball and the point where the ball stop. The stronger adhesion, the shorter the ball stopped.

Usually, worker using the sticky mat feel stronger by means of 'Instantaneous adhesive power' (ball tack) than 'normal adhesive power'(Adhesion).

They stepped on the sticky mat only 3~5 seconds for removing shoes dust and soil. So, here is the reason that 'Instantaneous adhesive power' is more important than 'Normal adhesive power'.

'Common adhesive power' is the extent adhesion of tape that is obtained from the test, peeling the tape from stainless steel plate after applying 20 minutes. International peel adhesion adhesive tapes testing standard is ASTM D 3330.

This common adhesive power value is effective for a test the holding power of tapes, such as OPP box tape, double-faced tapes, etc. This type of tape is mainly focused on the box tape, which is not related to clean room sticky mats for dirt removal. Usually, this type of tape has low ‘Instantaneous adhesive power’ and high ‘Common adhesive power’.

Namely, it can't show the ideal performance in removing dirt from worker's shoes.

You can find rolling ball tack test video in the resource box below both solvent based adhesive mat, water based adhesive mat.

Here is a video of ball tack test. Seeing is believing!

Rolling ball tack test of solvent based adhesive mat movie


Rolling ball tack test of water based adhesive mat movie


Second, Free from any harmful chemical substances / Eco-friendly product

Clean room sticky mat is classified according to adhesive type. One is a water based adhesive, and the other is solvent based adhesive. Using environment-friendly product is a global trend and the task of mankind. Concerning chemical products, REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) is representative. REACH is a regulation of the European Union, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.

So, we should check whether it is water based or not. And also check they have REACH test report. Please remember that all water based sticky mat is not passed REACH test. Although some manufacturer uses water-based adhesive, harmful chemicals may be included in PE film or in-process. Using environment-friendly product is a small courtesy for the earth.

Third, Strong cart resistance capacity

Sticky mat is using mainly at electronic industry and hospitals. Moving cart is passing by sticky mat sometimes in this area. When a cart is passing, product should not be rolled up cartwheels.

Of course, almost sticky mat being sold now is not expensive, so there maybe is not perfect cart resistance-proof product.  Some Japanese brand shows near to cart resistance-proof based on my experience, but the price is so much expensive.  We just only find 'strong' against cart wheels.  Generally, water-based product is stronger than solvent based product as its characteristics.

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